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Gene's Bike Page

The only mode of transportation that I have employed in the past couple years is the bicycle. The bicycle has become a healthy, alternative to the motorized vehicle, and is much funner. I am very interested in the human-powered vehicle, and have done a lot of research and tinkering with expirimental bikes. I have made a great deal of expirimental bikes, some of which I have below.

Some of the bikes I have made seem to last me a long time, even for 5 years. Parade bikes, kid bikes, all sorts. I have done a great deal of customization for the past couple of years, even been in parades for Fourth of July. One of the biggest reasons I promote bikes, however, is not for myself but for the bike trails around Arlington. I've tried to make the bicycle a 'common denominator' to all generations, common ground for communication and sharing with other people, especially the younger generations.

A Couple Custom Bicycles

Tow BikeExpirimental towing bike.
Show BikeMore of a show bike.
Roadscar4-wheel bike I bought.
Bike 2 CarA bike to car conversion. This is a prototype model, but you can see where it's going.
Push/PullAnother expiriment for a new kind of pedals - reciprocating. A good example bike for the kind of modifications I like to do.
Girl's bikeHigh handlebars, 5-speed mountain bike w/banana seat. Made as a girl's bike.
NotoriousAnother glimpse of the bike 'Notorious.' One of the many options built into it - can be stood up on its rear for easy repair.
The So-So bikeIt's called 'So-so' for the 'S' shape of the handlebars.

Some "Obstacles"

BridgeThe bridge is _not_ biker friendly.
BridgeNorth view of the Snohomish river bridge.

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