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"Oh Dear One; there is something I got to tell you ---Dear One; there is something I got to say----about the comPUter in our days..."

        WITHa simplelittle click with a clicker mouse modern man has knowledge @ -18mhz per/second... What this means is -- all HOMO ERECTUS or more properly stated HOMO-ERECT-TO-PUSS are in one whopper pail of modern dung (With all things being equal to the theory of the Black Hole.) This standardizes the intellect level of mankind to that of a lizard with a forked-tongue poised at the dung pile to catch a dungfly, to sustain his existence. Now with his comPUter modern man, or HOMO-ERECT-TO-PUSS ( "HEPT" for short) is really Kool-Cool-Qool.

        Mr KOOL-[?spelling]which is really HEPT is cool man; who is hot to trot after any way to reproduce his thing -- quote 'nonsense' unquote. Now Mr. Kool with his PC armed with this knowledge he has acquired, from his observation of the lizard, is ready to rearrange the matrix to accommodate his nonsense. Even though the matrix is and always will be designed to function on accurate and useful data. Modern man ("HEPT)" adds side-bars to the tangents and angles to allow for a window to express his nonsense in. He has caculated via scientific studies (financed by government grants) that these side bars would have minimal effect on the matrix as a whole. But just the other day I overheard some of the Ape people talking about Mr. Cool not taking into consideration the enormous mass of so many windows in the matrix.

        They were saying that the enormous amount nonsense in the system makes it too hard to keep the matrix on a level plane. This was of great concern to them for they think that the matrix may actually flip flop in space thus dumping enough nonsense in space to contaminate the whole creation of the cosmos. And if this happens any intelligent life form which may spontaneously flare up any remote sphere will be contaminated with this nonsense.

        Let us all pray that this doesn't happen so there may be a chance for intelligence in Gods creation once more. I personally believe that if the whole matrix flip-flops it will lose its true coordinates in space and be caught in an eddy of a Black Hole and will swirl meaninglessly for eons and eventually be sucked into the vortex and warped into a new creation. I do believe that the APE people have a valid concern and that Mr. HEPT should pay heed and acknowledge the danger of so much nonsense in the matrix. (Even though he uses it for 'data' and he has it programmed into his comPUter for his day to day life).

        If the APE people are right in their worries are made manifest, we will probably lose modern intellect virtually forever. This could actually stop evolution in its tracks and Mr HEPT (who is really Cool) will never evolve into the alien that is believed to be of a higher life form which lives in virtual reality. These cute little fellows with the big black eyes, are really neither male nor female. They are just innocent little entities and mean no one any harm and they just want to make everybody's dream come true to include Mr. HEPT (Who is really cool.)