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This is the second page of the growing pile of pictures we have been going through, scanning picture by picture. Please enjoy!

This page is a compilation of pictures from video grab and scanned photos. We hope you like them. Of course, as always, please click on the e-mail links located at the bottom of the page or on these: ranger for picture ideas, comments, etc, or to the webmaster for technical problems. Thank you very much.

Images from Video

Pleated Woodpecker One of the ranger's favorite birds to watch.
Morning Glory Invasive morning glory - also introduced via landfill.
Rhododendron A rare Rhotozea, a single bush resides in the Sanctuary.

Scanned Images

Photographer Shot A professional photographer, caught in the act.

As a feature, we decided to try something new here. The images in the page below are loaded all at the same time (ie, no thumbnails). We figured, since most of them are rather small in size, it wouldn't be a problem. Please email us, though, for comments! Visit the GIF Gallery!

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