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The following thumbnails represent a growing collection of stills from video and camera depictions of the natural beauty of the nature found in the Wildlife Sanctuary.

The following stills aren't professional photography, just some efforts to share, via the scanned photograph, the beauty of what a couple of amateurs can find when immersed in Nature's beauty. So we ask you, the discerning surfer, to bear with us, and perhaps enjoy yourselves.

The following images have been divided up into two sections, pictures from video, and pictures from camera. In general, the pictures from camera, (ie, the scanned photos) are of much higher quality, but are also much larger. The average file size is 100k a picture, so please be prepared for a bit of a download, but also be prepared to be impressed!

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Images from Video

Mother Duck A most remarkable duck that flew in a couple years back.
The Ranger's Home Here's a thumbnail of the Ranger's home.
Checking out the old Beaver Dam Here we have the Ranger checking out a Beaver dam.
A flash of light A flash of light on the pond.
Burst of sol Another big flash of light on the water.
Mysterious bubbles Bubbles that mysteriously formed during a rainstorm.
Little Butterfly A butterfly finally held still long enough to be photographed.

Images from Scan

Japanese Bamboo Japanese bamboo introduced into the area via landfill.
Beautiful Cosmos One of the ranger's favorite flowers.
Small Flock of Geese An annual attraction - geese that nest every spring.
Little Butterfly Some of the beautiful foliage - lady ferns, in this case.
Great Horned Owl A great horned owl that flew in and out for a while. A friend.
My Creek Where 'My Creek' runs into Portage Creek, during high water season.
Old Growth Cedar One of the prominent landmarks - an old growth cedar tree.
Saw-whet owl A small saw-whet owl - resident for about 4 years.
Reflected Sunrise The beauty of an early morning sunrise, reflected off of the pond.
Observation Deck A unique design for an observation deck.
Floating Guys A work crew, on break. They're floating on a raft in the pond.

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